Planned to go see the Black Keys tonight, but it turns out I'm gonna work... security at the show. Strange... A friend of mine who works for Pop Montreal (think NXNE...) called me up to ask if I wanted to work the stage since they were a security guard short... Funny thing is that I ain't that big or imposing. Although I doubted that anyone will try to rush the stage.

My stout seems to be doing well, and I should be tossing in the second batch of yeast this week-end. Then the worst part starts: three months of waiting for it to be mature enough to drink. Methinks there will be another batch done before then...

Haven't done this in a while...

here's a piece

Little Deaths
I can still taste them,
    upon my tongue,
little abortions
    of words
that I killed before they left
    my mouth
    my throat,
and became
    words of love,
    words of hate,
    words of anger,
when I didn't know
what to say
    to you

Why Asti-Spumante? Because it's tuesday.

Back from camping. Was fun/crazy with some distinctively new highlights. In no particular order:

-16 people and 3 dogs: 2 boston boxers(?) and a big mutt
-Neat-o dude from Bulgaria with his friendly/funny wife.
-2 hardcore lezbos who didn't interact with anyone else, except when...
-Playing too many games of Loup-garou around the campfire. Nothing better to break the ice between a group of fairly disparate people.
-9 of the campers were girls. 7 of them were ex-catholic private school girls.
-Leaving the camp ground Saturday night to go catch the Canada - Russia game in Saint-Michel-des-Saints.
-Getting someone to do Marcel Marceau as a charade. Laughing my ass off when, after she claimed that it would be easy, she proceeded to live through charade hell... El Mimo? C'mon!
-Waking up Sunday morning to an early morning fog, which covered the entire campground and blocked the view of the other shore of the bay.
-Getting bit around 70 times by bugs, with a record 32 on both hands.
-Introducing Patton Oswald to people (played the CD twice), only to have people quote the disc all week-end long. The faves? "Take me with you, gay pride parade" and "Battered Jacked Pussy" (although an argument over the exact wording was had all week-end)
-Not enough game playing! Brought lots of different card games, but only played two.

Had some ideas for a urban take on nature. Maybe I'll write it later.

Here's an old one:

(with apologies to Bob Mould)

I'm an angel (or so she said)
trapped here on Earth,
my wings clipped,
memories erased.

Little things, plastic wings;
paper skeleton; a faint smile
sometimes remind
of a time gone.

Until the day I found you
(or was it the other way around)
and set me free, again.

Now I have some plastic wings
    a white gown and a silly grin
but best of all
memories of you on my skin.
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De-complexifying the simple

Not sure the new shoes are working, but I should really give them a week or two to see what happens. Did get a blister on the arch of my foot though, which will probably hurt like hell tomorow when I run.

Bah, need to get out of the city, slow down the speed of my thoughts. Camping tomorrow! Can't wait. Should be fun and hopefully have some surprises in store for me.

That's what I need to do: think less, feel more. Keep things simple, one level only. No more complexity. Listen to the advice I give people when they talk to me about games they want to make or play: simple is better.

I want to be simple...

"Tell me a story"
    she requested
    as we laid beside each other,
    sweat gently drying on our tired bodies.

I hesistated
    (thinking too much as usual)
    unsure of what to say
    of where to begin this new tale
    of invented lies and other truths.

Would she see
    through my similies
    my metaphors and
    poorly disguised characters,
    my painted over everyday life?

Should I really
    take this occasion to wow her
    with my wit and intelect
    or simply try and get away
    with something I read long ago?

I hesistated
    on the similarity of
    message and massage
    spending too much time thinking
    while she drifted away on the wings of sleep.

Rationality and emotions

Funny hockey game yesterday. Took Team USA half a game to realize that there was indeed a game on. And there was a few fights (Lemieux fought!), which I had never seen happened in an international contest.

Something had to give: either my knees and heels gave way or I had to spend $150 for a pair of running shoes. I still feel ambivalent about that, seeing that they are now the most expensive pair of shoes I've ever had the pleasure to pay for. On the other hand, I was getting annoyed at waking up with cramps in my lower legs. Teach me to run 5 miles every (word) day. Still, if I don't work out, I feel like a zombie all day long. If you would have told me a few years ago that I would be working out 5 days a week, I would have rolled my eyes. I guess I'm slowly turning into an adult (and that is really scary...)

Very, very excited about the line-up of the Pop Montreal festival. Not only is Mission of Burma playing, but the opening act (Read Yellow) sounds brilliant as well (yeah, that ain't their website... it seems to be down). They remind me a bit of At the Drive In, which can only be a good thing in my book. A lot of other good acts are lined up, like Controller.Controller, the Weakerthans, the Black Keys, Franz Ferdinand, We Are Wolves and much more. Definitively will be catching waaaay too many shows during that little fest...

This is a fairly old one. Read into it whatever you want...

I found strands of your hair
on my pillow when I woke
and proceeded to read them
like the lines in your hands,
like the lines of a page,
to try and find out
what you meant
when you looked at me
and said
"I love to be with you."

I picked them, carefully, from the pillow
and tied a knot in each of them
to remind me of your face, your laugh
of the warmth of your body.

Of Massages and bedtime stories

Lately I keep on getting the feeling that I talk too much, that I say too much what is on my mind. I need to get one of 'em fancy censoring machines that I can install between my brain and my mouth. *Sigh*

Went to see the Frenetics on saturday. Alex and company put on a good show and it was pretty well attended. They played with a band called the Lovely Feathers, who were a Pixies/Weezer/Violent Femmes hybrid, but way less entertaining than the combo would suggest. It's not that they were not competent or talented, it was just that it was less than overwhelming. A young band, which hopefully will get better, if they don't all quit and become lawyers/doctors/male porno stars.

4 more days of city until the great Labor Day week-end camping trip. Can't wait to get away from the city for a few days. As much as I love Montreal (and all cities... kids, let's not kid ourselves. This here boy's blood is made of concrete...), it'll be good to get away for a few days. I can't remember the last time I went on vacation. Oh wait... that was last summer... nevermind...

Quick one this morning. It's probably the first piece that I wrote that I really liked. One of my ex-roomates made an illustrated version a long time ago. Hmm... that's what I'd like to get, someone to illustrate some of these pieces. That would be fun...

Anyway, here goes

Walking on the killing floor
legs muscles straining
againt the gravity
of the situation
while she and the chair
prove their deft dexterity
dancing weightlessly
as if without care.
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Pick me, pick me!!!

Tired for no real reason. Dunno why, but lately I can't seem to get enough sleep. Maybe I just need some company...

Woke up too late to go work out for no real reason except that I've seemed to turn off my alarm clock in my sleep. Result? Pretty much walking in a daze the whole day. Good thing that all I had to deal with was a few meetings, some of which were totally useless. I swear I have no idea how some people's mind work. Why do we need that many meetings? Why are three people working on something that should only take one person? Why don't people get really prepared for meetings they call? Urg, sometimes this whole industry aggravates me.

So what happens when I get tired? I make too many jokes about hats and one (!) beer threatens to put me to sleep. At least it was a homebrew...

Here's a new one. Dunno if it's any good, but I like some parts of it.
(and my cat sleeps too much. I think I'm jaleous of her again. Except for the blisters around her mouth. They're fading, but I still think I should bring her to the vet... urg, vets.)

Skin as tight as a drum
Beat a tattoo
    on your skin
and raise
    new colors
draining the tension
    that hides
beneath the movement.

Like a junkie's needle
    delivering explosions of color
one prick at a time
    on the skin
    to the mind
leaving scabs
    and rainbow-hued

Like a violent counterpoint
    striking the skin
in a moment of rage
    of strong passion
    and drunken idiocy
showing to all
    when words fail
the truth beneath.

Or simply
    fingers gently tapping
a soft rythm
    a pseudo-code
    a message hidden
but only raising
    a slight redness
and no awareness.
Beat a tattoo
    on your skin
slowly, gently
    'less you break the skin.
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(no subject)

Was very excited about last night since I was supposed to be playing some boardgames (yup... I'm a real geek), but alas, t'was not to be, since one of the people playing cancelled at the last minute...

Ended up talking for a few hours instead with some of my co-workers and that was fine, but it wasn't any type of gaming. If I could, I swear I would play games every night. Maybe I'll start doing small reviews of games that I think people should know about...

Love 'em games. and love 'em bunnies (

You really have to see the bunnies. Amazing how they captured all the key moments. Great stuff.

quick piece time, or as I like to call it, part 5 of my "Writing on Skin" series...

And it begat the question
The tip scratches
    laying lines and symbols
on my skin
my body becoming your canvas.

I become your blank page
    trusting you
as if the choice
was mine in the first place.

I strain against
    the bonds
that bing me
    to the chair,
    to you.

    wonder if the bonds
    were any weaker
    if I would resist
    or just let you
    use me like
    the blank
    that I am
    deep inside.