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Woke up early and actually got out of bed by 6:11 this morning. Had breakfast, petted the cat and got dressed. Headed out the door into the frosty morning (surprisingly, I enjoyed the temperature this morning, although I ain't looking forward to winter). Got to the office and up to the gym. Happy little thought in back of my head was saying "Good, you'll be out of there by 7:45, latest. Plenty of time to goof off before work and still be in before 9:00". Saw some light escaping from below the door. Use my mag-pass to let myself in and... the alarm goes off. There is no one in the gym except for me and this other guy who came in right behind me. We step outside and proceed to wait. Surely someone will show up. 15 minutes later, no one...

Not happy.

I was actually looking forward to working out this morning, clear the cowwebs in my mind and just focus on the task ahead.

Two things piss me off about this: first, the door was unlocked, which means someone came by (I don't believe that they left the door like that for the whole week-end, although...); two, when the alarm went off, there was actually no response. Isn't that what alarm are supposed to elicit? A response?

I know the gym at work is free so I shouldn't complain, but...

Again! This is the third time in a month where I show up and there is no one. Come on! Either you have a gym and someone is there at this ungodly hour or you don't. I appreciate the gym (I did loose about 25 pounds so far and am in better shape that I have been in years), but please!

On the other hand, good thing I live next door. I would have been majorly pissed if I had an half hour trek to get to the office...

Now you have to suffer:
Washed up on the shore
I wake
    and reach
    across the sheets
    and find no one
    but myself in bed.

And then, when wakefulness
    is finally attained
    I tell myself
    that I might be missing
    your presence,
    your comfort,
    your guidance,
    next to me
    at night
    or during any hour
of the day.

But I really
    don't need you
              love you
              crave you

I swore you off
    a long time ago.
    A bad habit
    along with smoking
    and drinking
                  and breathing.

Kicked the habit of wanting
    and needing
    to share my life
    with anyone
    other than myself
              those lonely
              in scratches

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