squeekybelly (squeekybelly) wrote,

Steph's adventures in security...

Yesterday night ended up being pretty fun. I ended up having the "difficult" job of guarding the door to the backstage area. For most of the night, there was no problem as no one else than those who had the right to go there tried. Some of them didn't seem to care that I was keeping them safe, some of them thought it was funny (yeah, I'm talking to you, Starvin Hungry! just because you know me personally that you need to mock my toughness!), and yet one person choose to introduce herself. Was nice meeting you Cy!

The only time I actually had to do some work was after the Black Keys played. Two or three drunken people wanted to go see them backstage, but I stood tall. Learned a long time ago that the best way to deal with people is to stare them straight in the eye and not waver. One guy was easily 50 pounds heavier than me, and it didn't look like it was all fat, but he backed away. Fear the stare of doom!

And the show itself? Well, let's just say that seeing a show from the side sucks. Couldn't see most of the stage, but the music was clear. Starvin Hungry were their usual great rock'n'rolling self despite coming back from tour and a 57 hours-straight drive from Vancouver and Spencer (the drummer) being sick with a cold. The Cuts were downright shitty. The best description that I heard (thanks grammargirl) was they were playing songs that were not good enough for the Tommy soundtrack... And then there was the ballad. Here's a hint: if you have no voice and can't write lyrics, don't do a ballad. Scream. Would have sounded much better...

The Black Keys on the other hand were incredible. Loads of energy, loads of talents. Woa! Gotta see them live to understand. Dunno why they are not more popular than that, but it may be that they are too close to old fashion blues. Oh well, everyone else's lost.

And yeah, as payment I got a pass for the rest of Pop Montreal. All shows are now free for me to see!

Strange fact from my life: I've been asked on three separate occasions in the last week to go to a strip club. Three seperate groups of people too... Do I really look that horny? Is my cock showing?

In closing, some stuff...

Shaping shadows
It's really no good
     when I look at you
and picture
     someone else.

I can only push
     my fantasy so far
before I start
     to hurt you.

Is it really your fault
     that you look
     like her or
that you are the same sex?

My mind races
     and tries
     to make
the connections.

The problem still remains:

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